We care a lot about delivering the cleansing information in a responsible manner. We include these FAQ to help your experience be safe and successful. Please read through, and if you have further questions, do give us a call.

I don’t have time to attend the talk. Can I start cleansing?

We highly recommend everyone comes for the talk, as the information about diet changes works in conjunction with the cleansing.

However, if you would like to begin the cleansing first, please call 03-2260 2832 and make an appointment for a Cleansing Practices Explanation. We’ll briefly explain the diet changes required and explain how you should do the cleansing safely and successfully. It takes about a 30min and a nominal fee applies.

I have a health concern. Can I see Sen Yein for a consult?
Yes, Sen Yein will be able to consult people after they have 1) come for the talk and 2) done the liver cleanse.

Is this an MLM?
This is not a multi-level marketing scheme. We highly recommend everyone to come for the talk, but you are under no obligation to sign-up for or buy anything. 

Can I buy a starter kit for my relative/friend?
If you have done a few liver cleanses yourself and have the time to take them through it, then go ahead. But if you don’t have the time, or aren’t very confident in it, then it’s better they make an appointment for a Cleansing Practices Explanation by calling 03-2260 2832.

Can I register my relative/friend for the next talk?
If you would like to recommend this to people, please make sure that you are practicing it yourself. If you have, then feel free to provide the talk info to your relative/friend and let them register themselves.

I live overseas and it isn’t convenient for me to attend the talk. Can I start cleansing?
Please email info@ayurco.com or call +603 2260 2832 for more information.

Can Sen Yein do a talk for my family/company/temple/group?
If you have 1) attended the talk and 2) done the liver cleanse, please email info@ayurco.com or call 03-2260 2832 for more information.