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Starter Kit (11-pc)

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The Starter Kit is the perfect place to begin for those new to cleansing.

It's an 11-piece kit that includes everything you need to do the beginner's cleansing schedule. You just need a trip to a fruit shop before you begin, as we don't recommend use of bottled juices.
The contents of the Starter Kit cover:
  1. Bowel Purge
  2. Deworming
  3. Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse
The Starter Kit will last a beginner for  3-6 months

Instructions are provided in English and Chinese.

The Starter Kit includes 11 items:

For Cleansing-
1) COLOZONE (100gm)
2) Cold-Pressed Olive Oil (500ml)
3) Pure Castor Oil (500ml)
4) Zentel- 2 x 2 tablets (500mg) *NOTE: New packaging for Zentel
5) Tongue Scraper set (2-pce)
6) FREE 1 metric teaspoon yellow spoon (for use with COLOZONE)
7) FREE 30ml measuring cup

For Rejuvenation-
8) Asafoetida (50gm)
9) Tarragon (approx 10gm)
10) Black Salt (approx 100gm)
11) Panang Kalkandu (approx 100gm)

12)  Instructions are provided in English and Chinese, but do attend the talk if at all possible to achieve best results.
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2-5 business days rest of Peninsular Malaysia
3-7 business days Sabah, Sarawak

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